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34 year old doctor who was first to say amidst strong barriers that a corona virus is spreading ...  passes away from same infection!

34 year old doctor who was first to say amidst strong barriers that a corona virus is spreading ...  passes away from same infection!

A 34 year old young doctor was the first who suspected the damaging virus known as corona and alerted that it was spreading and in the process he was subjected to censure because of strong rules and regulations of the biased and one-sided government in China. This young doctor, Li Wenliang embraced death yesterday because of the very same disease itself. 

Public social media exposed to the world such as facebook, YouTube and Twitter have been banned
in China. However, a particular exceptional website known in China by the name Weibo has become popular and doctor Li Wenliang of Wuhan central hospital happened to send out a message in the Weibo site at a gathering of medical friends on December 30th that an unidentified viral infection is spreading around the city of Wuhanand that in order to remain safe from it ... protective clothing should be made use of. 

He himself was not aware that this was the fatal corona virus; but had realised only the strangeness of symptoms of the disease. Whatever it is, he was summoned by the public security office of China and was thoroughly warned not to spread rumours. Subsequently, while treating patients, this doctor was hospitalised on January 12th because of suffering from a cough and fever since January 10th and for having been detected of being infected of the said virus. 

Then 8 days later ... on the 20th, as a result of the spreading of the virus, the Chinese government to pronounce a period of emergency while security divisions made a public announcement of asking an apology from him, it was reported. Publishing a post in the Weibo network he had said that it was confirmed that he has been infected with the new corona virus after examinations. Doctors who diagnosed the sick condition had by that time made this doctor a heoic character over the social media and thers had become shocked because he had been infected too. 

However, what was reported yesterday 6th February was that this doctor Li wenliang who himself battled that sickness with fate in the end took leave of his life. Though the health sector opened their eyes and launched their fight because of his first alert in beginning a fight to save several lives ... the public has expressed their tribute for having paved the way in that respect.

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