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Irregular registration .. self-mania causes Sri Lanka to lose at Guinness World Record at twins gathering

Irregular registration .. self-mania causes Sri Lanka to lose at Guinness World Record at twins gathering

Though the Sri Lanka Twings Gathering organised and scheduled to be held at Sugathadasa indoor stadium day before yesterday (20) targeting the Guinness world record misfired because of weaknesses in organising it and thus was unable to create the expected record. 

It was Sri Lanka Twins Society that organised this event following a very attractive concept and inviting prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa as chief guest .. launching great publicity. This was to be
held as a meeting of getting together the world's largest number of twins in the world and thus achieve a Guinness record with the intention of going beyond the record established previously in Taipei hall. 3,961 twins, 37 triplets and 4 quadruplets joined in on that occasion and in the case of the Sri Lankan record, a complete calculation was made after considering the registration of the society. 

However, because of superfluity of publicity and lack of communication of proper information, groups of twins streamed into Sugathadasa stadium on a massive scale day before yesterday and some of them had no birth certificates and essential certificates with them. Some had failed to fill in the form properly, ignorant of required instructions. The society has informed beforehand that twins of any age group should arrive on that date at 10 in the morning with a copy of the birth certificate and copy of national identity card certified by provincial secretary. But the people had turned up late. 

Though the registration was carried out as much as possible to fit the time framework for registration to achieve the record ... it did not happen so and a large crowd had reported there exceeding limits and delayed too. With crowds bringing coming at irregular intervals bringing incomplete data and time being not sufficient to check those had become a trying effort to foreign representatives who were present to certify the Guinness world record, it is understood. In the end what they had suggested was to set aside the task of registration and to take photographs instead and to make an effort in certifying those. 

However though an announcement was made to that effect .. it had not been possible to keep all of them together and capture a group photograph 'for just 5 minutes' ... it was possible, it was reported. This group photograph had failed because they had begun to move here and there and interested only in capturing selfies with each one's crowd. Foreign representatives who wanted to grant the certificate that very day saying that the record has been established, ultimately had said that it is not possible to give the certificate. In any case, they had left saying that they would be permitting a fortnight and that they would once again carry out a survey on the daa received and would notify the decision. 

Though Sri Lanka was unable to eclipse the record of Taiwan that day, a spokeswoman of the society informed foreign media that on the day concerned, over 600 twin groups gathered there but that this attempt would not be dismissed and that after considering the response received in a fortnight and make another effort. AFP, BBC, Falk News and foreign media of the man stream have reported that Sri Lanka's twin record has turned into 'Double trouble' because of not being successful in making a proper count accompanied with informal organising. 

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