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A male gives birth to a baby at Matara hospital!

A male gives birth to a baby at Matara hospital!

News circulating of a person dressed in a trouser and shirt, donning a beard had visited Matara general hospital to take treatment fora stomach ache finally ending up by delivering a baby there has resulted in his friends and a large crowd visiting the hospital to see him.

This person who lives in a village close to Matara town had given a male's name and had entered the section where patients are registered. The doctor who examined initially has directed this person to a male ward. Another doctor who checked the said person's abdomen having understood that there is a baby inside the abdomen has got confused and had immediately directed the patient for treatment to the ward where pregnant mothers' are being treated. At the mothers' ward the hospital staff has given the necessary clothing and bed-jacket. 

This person who at a glance gave the appearance of a man with hairs on the body and a beard has created a surprise to the hospital staff and other pregnant mothers. When the moment of delivery was drawing nigh, this person was hastened to the labour room and there a baby boy was delivered. Whatever it is, as he ha d no breasts to breast-feed the baby, the hospital staff have taken steps to give the child powdered milk. The patient's national identity card to had been prepared to give the indication of a male and a hospital spokesman said that the clothing in the bag he had brought were that of males. 

When news of a male delivering a baby circulated as a wild fire all around the area, this person's friends and a large crowd began to rock to Matara hospital to see him. This person has for a long time been appearing as a male, engaged as a three-wheel driver spending much of the time in the company of males. But it came to be known that he in fact was a woman only at the moment when time drew nigh for giving birth to a baby. 

When the specialist gynecologist who refused to divulge his name was questioned in this regard. this is what he said: "As a male has no womb as such, there is no possibility to conceive. In the case of some people, the question arises about one's own gender. In some cases, even in males the male sexual organ is not properly established. Even in the case of females, hormones exist like in the case of a male. In such instances the said person has found to be living the entire life as a male. Even the existence of breasts in a minor form though removed ... have been waiting to remove the womb. This is something that has rarely happened.

- Krishan Jeewaka Jayaruk -

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