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Woman who cheated 62 lakhs from youth abroad by showing lovely girls through IMO techniques ... nabbed in Weligepola

Woman who cheated 62 lakhs from youth abroad by showing lovely girls through IMO techniques ... nabbed in Weligepola

A woman alleged to have displayed photographs of attractive girls to a young man overseas across IMO technique and in the process has swindled a sum of Rs. two lakhs fifty thousand was taken into custody in Weligepola, Pathana area last ninth with Rs. two lakhs in her possession, Weligepola police say. 

Police say that the arrested person is a thirty five year old mother of one child and she has left her
legal husband and is living in Panana with her paramour. Police further say that they have received information that the woman concerned has maintained contact across IMO technique for about five months with a bachelor aged twenty five years old, a resident of Kolonna, Kamburugamuwa and presently employed overseas. It was said that this woman has carried on this contact continuously for  overseas. Police further say that this woman has asked the young man to credit a sum of one lakh to her bank account and that he has deposited one lakh to her account as requested. In this manner over sixty lakhs had been credited to the suspect's account on various occasions within a period of five months on her request.

After the suspect has obtained that money that boy, police say has told across IMO that she is a girl from Kandy and leading a solitary life having been separated from her husband and that she is not a teacher. Later when the boy has tried to connect her over the phone on several occasions the suspect was observed trying to avoid him and on suspicion he has tried to search for this woman and in the end he had contacted the police and notified them of this situation and police say that they managed to find the suspect after making inquiries across her bank account. 

Police then say that the suspect concerned has by utilising monies sent to her by the boy bought lands, a modern-type of motor cycle and many other  items and she has revealed that she is left with only Rs. two lakhs in her possession. Police finally say that they suspect that her illicit husband has provided support to her to commit this fraud and that the case is to be handed over to criminal investigation department for future inquiries.

- Rohana Samaraweera -

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