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Who are the 33 who are vying for presidential position? -- Are they sure they would win?

Who are the 33 who are vying for presidential position? -- Are they sure they would win?

Election commission office informed yesterday that 33 candidates have made cash deposits for the forthcoming presidential election. Opportunity to make these deposits will close by 12 in the afternoon on Sunday tomorrow (6) and some candidates may still join during that period. 16 registered political parties, 14 independent candidates and 3 from other political parties have entered the presidential election this time. 

Chairman of the commission Mr. Mahnda Deshapriya has mentioned that such a large number
coming forward for this election has caused a problematic situation where his duties are concerned. The length of the leaflets, officers at polling booths having to be increased, counting of votes ... all becoming complex and the expenditure that has to be incurred in all this are such factors, he stated. Election commissioner Mr. Mahinda Deshapriya further mentioned that because of the increased number of candidates at the presidential election this time, an extra Rs. 100 crores has to be incurred in this respect. 

He also mentioned that though a sum of about Rs. 400 crores was anticipated, it would escalate to about Rs. 500 crores. Thus, a dialogue has emerged as to whether all these persons vying for this election were in reality aspiring to clinch presidential status. Some of them have come forward to increase the numbers of officers at polling booths in support of another candidate ... to deliver speeches on behalf of another while some others with the motive of giving benefit to another by thus grabbing a part of the votes. 

As the candidate who secures 50 per cent of valid votes would be heralded the winner at the presidential election, it has been the objective of candidates coming forward to create a block at least in a small measure with the ide of using various communities and religions, which in fact has been a habit or practice going on for sometime. Some candidates customarily are coming forward each time as noted before in this presidential election too. There are of course those who have obtained their candidacy solely to appease their personal desire and popularity. Show below is that list:

 1) Jayantha Ketagoda - (Independent)
 2) Siripala Amarasingha - (Independent)
 3) Ajantha Perera - (Sri Lanka Samajavadi Pakshaya)
 4) Aparekke Pugnananda thero - (Independent)
 5) Saman Prasanna Perera - (Ape Jana Balavegaya)
 6) Gotabhaya Rajapaksa - (Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna)
 7) Ariyawansha Dissanayaka - (Prajathanthrawadi Eksath Jathika Peramuna
 8) Sirithunga Jayasuriya - (Eksath Samajawadi Pakshaya)
 9) Melroy Fernando - (Independent)
10) Nandimithra Beddegamage - (Nava Sama Samaja Pakshaya
11) Vajirapani Wijeysiriwardena - (Samajawadi Samanatha Pakshaya)
12) Sarath Manamendra - (Nava Sihala Urumaya)
13) Rohan Pelewaththa - (Jathika Sanwardhana Peramuna)
14) Anura Kumara Dissanayaka (Jathika Janatha Balavegaya)
15) Samansiri Herath - (Independent)
16) Sarath Keerthiratna - (Independent)
17) Chaminda Anuruddha - (Independent
18) Samaraweera Weeravanni - (Independent)
19) Ashoka Wadigamangawa - (Independent)
20) A.S.P. Liyanage - (Sri Lanka Kamkaru Pakshaya)
21) Battharamulle Seelarathana thero - (Janasetha Peramuna)
22) Basheer Seigu Dawood - (Independent)
23) Sajith Premadasa - (Nava Prajathanthravadi Peramuna)
24) Ilyas Idroos Mohommed - (Independent)
25) Piyasiri Wijeynaika - (Independent)
26) Jayantha Liyanage - (Sinhaladeepa Jathika Peramuna)
27) Duminda Nagamuwa - (Peratugami Samajawadi Pakshaya)
28) Rajitha Wijeysingha - (Independent)
29) Mahesh Senanayaka - (Jathika Janatha Pakshaya)
30) Kumara Welgama - (Independent)
31) Aruna de Silva - (Prajathanthravadi Jathika Balavegaya)
32) Ajantha de Soysa - (Ruhunu Janatha Peramuna)

Among the above, 6 have contested the elections in 2015 and votes acquired by them is as follows:
A.S.P. Liyanage - 14351 votes
Duminda Nagamuwa - 9941 votes
Sirithunga Jayasooriya - 8840 votes
Sarath Manamendra - 6875 votes
Wajirapani Wijeysiriwardena - 4277 votes
Battaramulle Seelarathana thero - 3750 votes  

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