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Nagananda did not come for presidential contest because of somebody's influence?

Nagananda did not come for presidential contest because of somebody's influence?

Mr. Nagananda Kodituwakku who was in fact engaged in a pre-publicity stunt with the slogan 'Naga2020' turned into a sensational character in social media recently though most people thought would come forward as a candidate as a presidential candidate this time, he has not forwarded his name neither on an independent status nor as a party till the moment for depositing cash which closed this afternoon (6) at 12. Thus, he would not be coming forward for this presidential election. 

During the past few months he has expressed across the social media definite ideas about being a
presidential candidate and it was the same in the case of dialogues in rupavahini channels too where he engaged in debates. In fact he was conspicuous as someone who leashed out his opinions about various acts of corruption without any fear with reference to Mahinda Rajapaksa and Ranil Wickremasigha as well. 

Though it was understood that his citizenship in UK was a impediment for him to contest the presidential election, he himself had called a media briefing on his own and had mentioned last week that the obstruction was removed. Whatever it is, he has later stated that there were threats against him and that his pet dog in the house was killed in the process. 

Some weeks before this though ideas were expressed that Nagananda and Rohan Pallewaththa have got together and it was learned that they would offer their support to a national candidate, it had changed and Pallewaththa has already come forward as a candidate. There were reports recently to the effect that a meeting has taken place between Nagananda and Mahesh Senanayaka subsequent to which reports were published that Nagananda would support Mahesh. However nothing of that sort has still been confirmed. 

When taking matters into consideration a suspicion crops up whether Mr. Nagananda refrained from appearing for the elections on someone's influence. He on the other hand has not responded to his audience in his social media accounts on questions posed to him about not coming forward for the presidential election. Attorney at law Nagananda Kodituwakku who has made rather heart-touching speeches on how to set up Sri Lanka once again is someone who has even gone to the extent of bringing forth matters concerning a new constitution.  

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