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Is the murder of school teacher Nisansala the act of her former lover?

Is the murder of school teacher Nisansala the act of her former lover?

The corpse of the Gampola school teacher who was subject to an uproar during the past few days as having disappeared was recovered yesterday remaining in Victoria reservoir after being washed away about forty kilometres along Mahaweli river. Parents and kith and kin yesterday (8) confirmed after identifying the blouse she wore the last time which remained on her discoloured and swollen
body and the 'pirith noola' that the dead body is that of Nisansala Rathnayaka. 

Nisansala who left this life in the most unfortunate manner at the age of 27 was supposed to enter into marriage this October 29th. Police conducting investigations have received clues that a suspicion has cropped up whether she was killed in this manner at a time when arrangements have been made for her marriage which incidentally is linked to an issue connected to a love affair she had previously. 

It is revealed that Nisansala who is attached to Sri Pada Vidyalaya as an English teacher who is to wed the police-lover before whom she had a connection with another lover and that she had taken action to get away from him as for incompatibility. The said break up had occured 5 years before. However, throughout during the past period he had been pestering her with the motive of making her his mate, her father has told by giving evidence to police. No sooner the preparation for the marriage fell on ears of this person he is supposed to have threatened her during the past few days, it was reported. As a result, this death could be a case of homicide, a suspicion has dawned. 

After school was over and she was coming home last 1st Chandima Nisansala Rathnayaka the 27 year old school teacher living in Kirapana area in Gampola had so disappeared close to her home itself. She in fact was the elder in the family while it is said that she has a brother of schoolgoing age. She was attached to Sri Pada Vidyalaya in Hatton in the capacity of an English teacher. Having covered a distance of about sixty kilometres from school and was on her way home she has thus disappeared almost hundred metres away from home. This was confirmed from a CCTV clip of an educational institute close to her home. As she has come in this manner on a rainy day, villagers and police together have inspected drains and forest shrubs along the road she has traversed but in vain and were not able to secure any clue as such. 

Throughout four days news was received that a female body was observed being drifted along Mahaweli river and information was further received that the said dead body had fallen down from Polgolla reservoir and after police stations were alerted subsequent to which police have taken action when further news reached them that the body had stopped at the point where Victoria reservoir and Mahaweli river join each other. The identification process was carried out with assistance of villagers and the body was brought ashore yesterday. Police have taken action to direct the body to Gampola district judge Mr. Srinath Wijeysekera for further examination. Gampola police say that they would commence investigations after post-mortem activities to ascertain how she has died. 

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