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IS leader Baghdadi kills himself by exploding bomb when American dogs give him chase

IS leader Baghdadi kills himself by exploding bomb when American dogs give him chase 

Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi supposed to be the IS organisation leader who accepted leadership for the terrorist attack which took place sometime back on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka died during an American raid, it was reported. What American president Trump mentioned from White House was that this killing was carried out across a military operation. The said operation was launched last Saturday. Having received a tip off about the house where Baghdadi was taking refuge, the American army hastened to plan out this operation within an
hour and 10 minutes. It was in fact launched when both president Trump and vice president Mike Pence were watching from situation room in White House from a remote video, it was said. 8 helicopters were used in this operation. For this purpose flights as well as drones assisted in this instance while with the aid of a team of dogs the infantry finished the operations successfully. It was also understood that the air space where the operation was conducted was under Russian territory. 

When helicopter attacks were launched on the storied house where Baghdadi lived, security officers of the house have counter-attacked the helicopters. In the process the army who got down from the helicopters accompanied by dogs have then attempted gaining access to the house where Baghdadi lived and on gunfire aimed by the soldiers, a majority of Baghdadi's security personnel lot their lives. The army then proceeded to gain entry avoiding the main gate of the house and instead breaking down a wall and finally managed to enter with the dogs. As there was a an interior tunnel under the ground and Baghdadi had tried to hide there with the children, the army managed to detect through the dogs' scent. When dogs of the American army chased behind Baghdadi as there was no exit as such he had run into the tunnel and subsequently has died, president Trump exclaimed on Sunday 27th. The American president further remarked that Baghdadi has wept while running away like that and had even let out screams right along. President Trump also said that Baghdadi was in the company of three of his children at that time at which point he has proceeded to blast the sack of bombs tied to his body and thus commit suicide. In this incident as a result the three children too had died. After the attack Baghdadi's house was completely destroyed to the ground. 

No soldier died in this operation except that one dog had received minor injuries, Trump revealed. What Trump at the beginning of his Twitter account said was, "An extremely significant thing is taking place". According to reports, the tip off regarding the correct place where Baghdadi was hiding was given to American forces by Kurkisthan Syrian Democratic battalion. 

Though various news were published on many occasions that Baghdadi has died, it was all fake and in the meantime in the month of May he even appeared on a video and made a speech. Baghdadi's real name happens to be Ibrahim Al-Badri and was considered as the most wanted person in the world. Al-Baghdadi came into the limelight in 2014 by announcing that a separate kingdom was established in several regions in Iraq and Syria and thus had proceeded to keep under his control about eight million people under their jurisdiction of the Jehad Movement. 

Baghdadi was born in Samara in North Iraq in 1971. In 2003 the American army invaded that region and Baghdadi was at that time a priest at a mosque there, it is reported. However what some others believe is that Baghdadi had been a member of a fighting-Jehad group. There is a notion that he had turned an extremist when he was imprisoned for four years with Al Qaeda members in an American camp maintained in South Iraq. He had come forward as Al Qaeda in Iraq and he had joined in with his group when Islamic State Organisation came into existence and by October 2011 Baghdadi was officially announced as a 'terrorist' by United States of America.

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