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"I had to spend 11 million public funds": Nagananda says

"I had to spend 11 million public funds": Nagananda says

The person Nagananda Kodituwakku who engaged in a publicity campaign by his ownself saying that he would be the president in 2020 by making attractive speeches on topics such as corrupted judiciary and corrupted politics and thus turned out to be a sensational character within social media in the recent past has unfortunately been subjected to the allegation that he had thrown sand on the intelligentsia and 'played a money-game'. 

He had been displaying months that he was preparing for the presidential election and thus collected
funds in a big scale from local and Sri Lankans abroad which as reported totals somewhere around 11 million. In a background where he does not compete in the election, what he tells those who demand back that money is the story that all that money has been expended and finished. Even his personal social media accounts too have been changed and the common reader is blocked from expressing his or her ideas. 

It is understood that by saying that he is appearing for the presidential contest and in order to cover the relevant expenditure of his he had even made public a bank account too. Thus with that number his attendant particulars were indicated and ultimately has managed to secure a sum of Rs. 11 million from local and foreign persons for the purpose of appearing for the presidential election. 

What he now says is that 'Okkoma rajavaru, okkoma wesiyo" party has not given him the opportunity of coming forward for the presidential fray. He has come to election commission secretariat yesterday (7) and has told media about what happened to him and that competitor Mahesh Senanayaka had blocked his path to appear for this presidential battle. When Nagananda Kodituwakku was questioned by the media about the funds collected, what he said was that he received and collected funds from such contributors in Italy, Switzerland, England and Japan and that all such payments were formally documented and that all those particulars would be placed before the masses in the future. 

In any case, when questioned further regarding same, what he said was that all that money was expended. 
* Why didn't you who made a big uproar saying that you would launch a big revolution in the country .. not hand over your nominations?
  I became a prey to the utter corrupt political system in this country. Even the election commission who cannot conduct a fair election should hold themselves responsible for the injustice done to me. I ended up in a state where I cannot hand over my nomination papers because of a conspiracy.

* Who were the people who conspired against you? 
  Jathika Janatha Vyaparaya with Mahesh Senanayaka as its head. Sometime back I signed an agreement with the party "Okkoma rajavaru, okkoma wesiyo". But at the last moment they told me that they are not in favour of giving me the nominations.This was done totally on the request of Jathika Janatha Vyaparaya.

* You collected funds to direct the election campaign, What is happening to that money?
  Somewhere around Rs. eleven million was collected. That was spent on things like advertisements and printing matters. Nothing is left. I am even in debt. 

* What are your future political motives?
  I will work in future too to reverse this corrupt political system. 

* Will you be going back to where you live in England?
  I have relinquished my citizenship in England. Now I have no way of going there. I will stay here right along.

(Note on discussion - Kalana Weerasingha)

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