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Driver and his assistant of Aluthgama train halt train ...  for dinner!

Driver and his assistant of Aluthgama train halt train ...  for dinner!

The slow train which set off from Maradana to Aluthgama day before yesterday (3) at 6.23 in the evening was stopped at Kalutara railway station and both driver and his assistant having thus spent their time, the train has resumed journey 20 minutes late. 

Even after 10 minutes of  the train being halted at Kalutara railway station and the train has stopped
moving some passengers had alighted from the train and had gone to inquire about it from the train driver, they had observed the train driver in his seat and the assistant seated at a place outside the driver's cabin and enjoying their dinner. 

Subsequently after they have had their dinner some passengers have once again approached the train driver and had inquired why the train had not moved forward, he has responded saying that there there was no signal for the train to proceed. The passengers who pointed out that at that moment that even during the strike on most occasions trains proceeded without signals and had questioned him why the control cabin was not contacted if there were no signals for the train to move forward he at that very moment contacted the control cabin. After that call the driver has proceeded in moving the train forward and even by that time it was 20 minutes late.  

Distant passengers who were travelling in this train were thus subjected to much inconvenience and they then later managed to arrange their transport by switching over to the train heading towards Galle which arrived at Aluthgama railway station. These passengers were even further inconvenienced because after getting down from the train buses which they had to take next for the rest of their journey were not available.

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