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Two persons die in the programme of Deegoda Kumara's universal power!

Two persons die in the programme of Deegoda Kumara's universal power!

An incident is reported from Horowpathana area where a person and a woman and eighteen others were hospitalised after having attended a programme of Deegoda Kumara supposed to be curing patients through universal power. The said programme was held day before yesterday (7) afternoon in Horowpathana Madhya Maha Vidyalaya playground. Steps were taken immediately to admit those who had fallen sick to Horowpathana hospital. Thirty nine year old Dinusha de Silva of Mahawaskaduwa, Kalutara and seventy eight year old A.M. Ranawaka living in Wanduramba, Galle
have passed away in this manner after admission. The deceased woman had been suffering from paralysis while the other person had been suffering from heart trouble. Eighteen persons have been hospitalised in a serious condition to Horowpathana hospital and fourteen of them were transferred to Anuradhapura teaching hospital. 

The said programme was commenced day before yesterday (7) under the mediation of a member of Horowpathana provincial council in connivance of the provincial council. Over twenty five thousand people have turned up for this programme from various parts of the country. The programme was put into motion after a bodhi pooja was conducted by a Buddhist monk in the area. This person known as Deegoda Kumara has launched a programme of bringing relief across divine power previously in Amparai. Heart patients, kidney patients, those suffering from cancer, blind persons and those not steady enough to walk have attended this programme in Horowpathana to have their sicknesses and ailments cured. 

The referred to programme has taken effect at a time there was a strong atmosphere falling on the area. It is believed that this situation has contributed in a large measure on this unfortunate results. Under these circumstances, director of that hospital had this to say regarding patients transferred to Anuradhapura teaching hospital. "Crowds are made to gather under the pretext of curing patients under false announcements. Being out under the sun, swift complications could emerge in the case of aged people for having being out there in the open ... particularly persons afflicted with kidney problems and cancer. We ask the public not to be duped by such things. Certain patients transferred from the hospital have left the hospital without any notice. Three others are in a serious condition", director of the hospital quipped. 

Among the two deceased are 39 year old P. Dinusha de Silva of Kalutara, Waskaduwa, Mahawattha and 78 year old A.A. Ranawaka, a 78 year old who was a heart patient. Their post-mortem and inquiry into sudden deaths was expected to be carried out at Horowpathana provincial hospital yesterday (8). The two victims and kith and kin of their families had gathered at Horowpathana public playground. Subsequently, around 2 in the afternoon the person called Deegoda Kumara has begun the religious service and about an hour later some patients who were present had fainted and collapsed on the playground itself. It was after that they were hospitalised. 

This religious service was scheduled to be launched yesterday (8) and because of this unfortunate incident which took place day before yesterday (7), organisers have taken steps to stop further proceedings halfway. Police headquarters say that a statement was secured from the person who directed this programme and that inquiries are proceeding under an assistant superintendent of police. 

Police media spokesman, police superintendent Mr. Ruwan Gunasekera said that once the post-mortem reports of the two deceased are secured,  future legal action is to be taken according to the reports. Horowpathana police would conduct further investigations in this matter. 

(Saliya Kumara Gunasekera / Percy Kuruneru - Anuadhapura 

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