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Transformation of the life of singer Ranu who newly joined India

Transformation of the life of singer Ranu who newly joined India

We are not aware as to when fortune smiles on the life of a person. What sort of feeling would come over someone if the dream we had from the day of our birth suddenly blossoms into reality? A woman who was lucky enough to experience such a moment is spoken of highly these days in the social media. 

It is about Ranu. Ranu Mondal for that matter. Ranu who was born embracing poverty it was music
that she loved after her parents. Though she was born with poverty in one hand, god has not forgotten to bestow her with a fantastic voice. Nobody ever even gave her a helping hand to lift her from the economic precipice she had fallen into. Whatever problems came her way, Ranu never thought of running away from life. She kept on singing to bring solace to tired hearts until the evening of her life. Most people were proud of her sweet voice. But those who approached her had at no time cared to palm Ranu at least a few coppers thus thinking of pushing her forward. However, one fine day the person who revolutionarised her life came her way. That indeed was a rare incident. A certain young man who was attracted by Ranu's voice happens to video her voice from his mobile phone. 

A couple of days pass by. As usual Ranu would come to the railway station in the usual manner and start her singing. Without thinking much, a certain young man who was mesmerised by Ranu's voice, captures Ranu's on video across across his mobile phone. What then happens is something strange thing. Even before an hour passes, lakhs of people watches Ranu's video. Not only passengers who came to Nadia railway station in Bengal and listened to Ranu's voice but she managed to win the attention of most people around the world. But the best was to follow next. Himesh Reshmiya who turned into a popular Bollywood musician and singer too saw this video one day. Himesh observed something melodious in this woman's voice which others were deaf to. It was at that moment that Himesh makes a decision to bring Ranu to a recording studio. 

Without anybody knowing about what he was going to do, Himesh goes in search of Ranu to the railway station where she used to sing. As for Ranu, all this what was happening was like a dream and she never thought that someone like Himesh would come in search of a poor like her. But whatever it is ... that exactly is what happened. 

When Ranu's voice mixed with music inside the studio fell on his ears ... Himesh was astounded. It was at that moment the thought surfaced to his mind that he should give her an opportunity for her to sing a song in his next film. In that instance he mentions this in her Twitter account too. "It is not only a joy for me to sing the song 'Theri meri kahani' in my latest film in the company of an excellent artiste Ranu Mondal and a fortune", he said. 
Anyhow it did not take much for this instagram message to turn into a viral. Himesh was dumbfounded when he realised the praise showered on him from all parts of the globe for this socially benevolent act of Himesh on behalf of innocent and competent Ranu.  

This is how fans responded to Himesh's message: 
* "It's to you that all honour is owed to Himesh Reshmiya for having taken Ranu Mondal from a railway station to a studio. We love you".  
* If we have courage to turn our dreams into reality ... such dreams can be realised by positive attitudes. Thank you for the love and co-operation extended on her behalf".
* "Ranu Mondal sang the song of Lathaji at the railway station. But today she records her first song with Himesh Bhai and that is for a film of his that is scheduled to be screened. For all this ... the love and honour goes to you Himesh".
* "Most people in society wish to display oneself. But only a handful does good things by thinking of the other person. Himesh is a rare character like that".

Through such ideas Himesh was subjected to more affection among his fans while many people began to talk about Ranu too. Ranu received invitations from popular television reality programmes as well as popular television programmes. Ranu spoke about the challenges one meets along life's journey to success for the whole world to hear, bringing a surprise to everybody. Even renowned persons such as Javed Ali and Alka Yagnik were surprised about Ranu's voice. One day Salmon Khan, a super star of Bollywood happens to watch a certain television programme in which Ranu participated. Salmon Khan who realises that something must be done for this  helpless woman, takes  steps to see that Ranu is provided shelter through his personal funds. 

Now this woman called Ranu is not just a useless woman but a bright singer who won acclaim the world over. All this happened because of the first song sung by her. This then is the truth ... this is luck ... the end result of pursuing a dream. Ranu experiences all that today with satisfaction. In the sam way she has not forgotten to tell this to the media. 

"Singing and music is my life. I can't think about a life for me beyond that. Maybe because of that I decided to sing throughout my life. In the end, something that I never thought of happened. So you too can bring success to your dreams. Himesh Sir ... thank you so much for everything that you gave me for someone like me". 

Among all these things just as much as those who love Ranu ... there is a crowd who blames her also. But Himesh has done his maximum to her, already. Ranu with a gap in her teeth and clad with a sari covered with dirt and dust with dishevelled hair has now changed a lot. After Himesh's song, Ranu has got further more invitations. She is so thrilled about it. So let us too convey our blessings to this wonderful woman who made her way into the studios from the railway station. 

- Amila Nuwan Madhusanka -     

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