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What Ryan revealed to police for 18 hours yesterday when questioned about Madush -- Ryan betrays Amal!

What Ryan revealed to police for 18 hours yesterday when questioned about Madush -- Ryan betrays Amal!

After actor Ryan van Royan and four others who were taken into custody in Dubai with underground leader Makandure Madush having been deported from the country were arrested by police after they set foot in the island early last morning. 

Ryan who became a popular figure because of the role he played as Lionel Sandun in the teledrama 'Deveni inima' which was broadcast over Derana channel arrived at Katunayaka Bandaranaika International airport on UL - 266 belonging to Sri Lankan Airways together with his accompanying
group were taken into criminal investigation department of the airport and were detained and interrogated. 

Police even at the start harboured suspicions that as Ryan van Royan had carved a name for himself in society as a performer and not as someone linked to the underworld, those connected to underground activities have taken advantage of his popularity and got various types of work through him. 

Officers of Mirihana special investigation unit who made inquiries before he left to Dubai in connection with the Rs. 500 crores worth diamond and the gem robbery have even interrogated him and was informed that he would participate in the rest of the interrogation process once he returns from Dubai. 

Thus after being apprehended at Katunayaka, officers of Mirihana special investigation unit have approached him and conducted further inquiries in that connection. Though the owner of the 500 crores diamond was able to come in possession of it, the court case of how the robbery took place is still proceeding. It was earlier published that there was a plan that actor Ryan van Royan had taken the said diamond in hiding after the robbery concerned and had taken it to Dubai to be handed over to Madush. 

Actor Ryan van Royan has told during police interrogation yesterday that he had come to know Makandure Madush on a previous occasion through singer Amal Perera when he toured Dubai, it has been reported. Under these circumstances he has thus revealed clues to the effect that though he has no direct connection with Madush, Amal Perera has maintained a direct relationship with Madush. After performer Ryan was taken into custody by criminal investigation department and was questioned for a period close upon 18 hours yesterday, he was handed over to Weligama police this morning, it was learned. The reason for it is to question him about an incident of detecting ganja inside the motor vehicle he has travelled in. 

Police media spokesman police superintendent Mr. Ruwan Gunasekera said that officers of Katunayaka airport of crime investigation department are in the process of interrogating Mohommed Washimdeen, Dimuthu Surantha Perera, Suraj Kavinda Silva and Charith Padman of Kamburupitiya who accompanied Ryan yesterday.

The number of individuals who have been already sent to the island of the crowd arrested in Dubai with Makandure Madush now total 13. What Ryan said by addressing the media was that injustice was done to him and that after police inquiries he would soon summon the media and is prepared to expose everything. 

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