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Was it Mahindananda's son who killed Borella traffic OIC? or police superintendent's son? -- Police tracking those who created facebook posts!

Was it Mahindananda's son who killed Borella traffic OIC? or police superintendent's son? -- Police tracking those who created facebook posts!

The incident of Borella traffic OIC meeting with an accident in Bambalapitiya by a defender about a fortnight before caught attention of everybody in the country; however he finally passed away last Saturday. This incidentally was a case where it certainly was not an instance of just an oversight but where the vehicle concerned has violated road rules and had proceeded whilst the red lights were still on which was an inhuman moment of 'hit and run' case. 

As soon as this accident happened ... there was nothing revealed about who was at the driving seat of the vehicle in question. Several hours later it was said that it was the son of a police superintendent
who who drove that vehicle. Secondly, that there was the son of a provincial council politician who was among them. In the meantime there had also been a young woman inside and the defender concerned and all 8 who were travelling in the other vehicle too were apprehended. 

However, it is Navindu Ratnayaka the son of the said superintendent of police who was right along remanded today (11) for supposed to have driven the said vehicle. On the day when his son was released on bail, what Mahindananda Aluthgamage told the media was that his son was at the rear seat of the vehicle concerned. 

This procedure of granting bail was carried out in a clandestine manner. Matters concerned were taken into consideration after informing all media correspondents to be away from courts and thus news correspondents who were engaged in court proceedings were confused and had to keep away. They were in fact wondering as for what purpose the judge made such a request. As such, the media was unaware as to what transpired in the court proceedings ... what came to be known only was that Mahindananda' son Navindu who drove the vehicle was bailed out the following day itself. 

Meanwhile, various comments appeared in social medias and facebook that responsibility of this tragic accident was transferred upon Aluthgamage's son. In order to bring forward points in relation to this traffic accident, a media briefing was called for by deputy inspector general of police in charge of traffic about this accident at police headquarters, yesterday (10). On that occasion what he said was that before this accident took place, this crowd had been to a number of night clubs and what was revealed by CCTV footage there was that the defender was driven by the main suspect Navindu Ratnayaka; however that it is published in social media that the defender was driven by another person and that it is false. 

Addresses of 15 persons who have released such information to the facebook will be acquired and that they will be asked to come before court as witnesses would be carried out, Mr. Ajith Rohana said yesterday. He further stated that steps will be taken to identify the main suspect through an identification parade and that a survey will be conducted about the engine number and chassis number of the defender which is responsible for the accident which incidentally poses a problem. 

Final rites of deceased Mr. Ananda Sagara Sarachchandra is expected to be performed at Borella cemetery at 4 pm today (11) under full police honours with inspector general of police, Mr. Pujith Jayasundera present.  

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