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Residents of 'Kevuma's Moratuwa house tensed with suspicion -- "Called 119 ... but police failed to turn up"

Residents of 'Kevuma's Moratuwa house tensed with suspicion -- "Called 119 ... but police failed to turn up"

Though some suspicion has developed in the mind of the houseowner that activities connected to an underground element was taking place in the rented out house at Rawathawattha, Moratuwa where a large quantity of narcotics and weapons were located last evening; but because of the poor response of the police, there was a delay in having them cornered, he had said. 

It was this Kelu Indika Sampath alias 'Kevuma' who brought a couple like this and after providing an
advance of a sum of Rs. one lakh to the owner of the house and has got the house on an agreement of a monthly payment of Rs. 25000 and this couple had come in the company of Kelum Indika after obtaining the required money from Madush. 

After Kevuma was taken into custody recently with the diamond, weapons and narcotics and when it was broadcast across the media about Kevuma ... the houseowner has inquired with suspicion wondering for the past few weeks whether it was this Kelum Indika alias Kevuma who was moving up and down to meet him. 

The suspicion has aggravated because there were clues that people coming in vehicles to the said house have been taking various suspicious things from time to time. The houseowner under these conditions has contacted the 119 police emergency number requesting them to make an investigation without delay. But what the houseowner says is that there was only a lackadaisical attitude for that request and though responded saying, "Okay, we'll come and see", and though police had turned up yesterday on some other clue ... nothing transpired on his first complaint. 

It was broadcast across the media that Kelum Indika Sampath alias Kevuma the member of the underground criminal gang who was arrested over the diamond robbery had been taking houses on basis of rent at various points and that he was operating his business from that house. It was after coming to know of that information that the housowner began to develop thoughts of suspicion. 

After Kevuma was interrogated, police special task force yesterday (11) went ahead by raiding this Moratuwa house where the couple was lodging; but it however it did not originate from the call to the 119 police emergency call as  such. It was confessed that Kelum Indika Sampath alias Kevuma has taken the ground floor of this house on rent on monies given by Makandure Madush. It was thus revealed that suspect has paid an advance of Rs. one lakh and has remitted a monthly rent of Rs. 25000 and had been in occupation for 8 months from July last year. 

Whatever it is, what police said was that it is imperative that after yesterday's raid, it is imperative that those who rent out houses should make it a point to be extra vigilant.       

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