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Moril who worked with Madush ...  betrays him in Dubai!

Moril who worked with Madush ...
betrays him in Dubai!

It was published some days back that underworld competitive rival and heroin dealer Moril who was behind the activity of helping to corner Makandure Madush in Dubai. Moril who is supposed to be currently hiding in England is a person who had been involved in this trade in unison with Madush. However at a later stage there had been a friction between the two. 

It has been revealed from latest investigations that because Madush has used his men to rob the 178
kilos of heroin which was brought to this country by boat by both Madush and Moril involved under the disguise of police, Moril has helped Dubai police to corner Madush in this manner. Subsequently, Moril who acquired Madush's share too is operation the business from England, it was revealed by Intelligence Unit. It has now been found that racketeers linked to the large quantity of heroin nabbed in a super market parking lot in Colpetty recently was the work of Moril's accomplices. 

This large quantity of 294 kilos of heroin was found inside two most modern vans in the car park of a super market which incidentally was opened recently and were packed in travelling bags. There were ten travelling bags with five bas in each van. The number of heroin packets in the travelling bags were 272 in number. Other than the drivers of the two vans, there had been a four year old child too inside and that happened to be the child of one of the drivers. 

Though he first of all appeared as a driver of one of the vans, he was the agent of the heroin racket, named Mohommed Rila Ahmed Ruksi. The other person, Mohommed Baseer was a resident of Keselwaththa in Panadura. He was an accomplice of Ruksi. It was reported that this racket is being directed by one Rahim who is stationed in Dubai and is understood to be an accomplice of Moril. 

Moril who is the pioneer of the heroin trade in this country was arrested in the year 2001 by police narcotics bureau with two kilos of heroin in his person and was sentenced to life imprisonment by court. However he had managed to find freedom through appeal court in the year 2006 after which he has made his getaway to Dubai. From there onwards he has started to engage in dealing in heroin on a big scale. It is revealed that Moril has many Pakistan racketeers as his connections. 

It was Moril who was behind the large quantity of heroin found in Beruwala on December 18th, 2018. The weight of the stock of heroin nabbed in that instance was 231 kilos. That stock of heroin was nabbed according to a clue received by the intelligence unit of police special task force. On that occasion two persons were taken into custody with that stock of heroin and one of them is the owner of multiday trawlers. It was in that way that information about a large scale heroin racket which operates between Seychelles and our country comes to light, which incidentally remained a secret till that time. Stocks of heroin brought to this country from Pakistan was taken to Seychelles Islands by Beruwala racketeers across the seas via those multiday trawlers. The said fisheries trawler owner happens to be married to a woman from Seychelles while this racket was operated by her brother. When Mohommed Rila Ahmed Ruksi was questioned, it was revealed that during the past three months alone about 100 kilos of heroin was brought on 15 occasions and was distributed in Colombo and its environs. 

"Brother in law used to call me and tell me the location where the stuff is loaded and I would hire a vehicle on rent and go to that spot. At those places the travelling bags will be loaded to the vehicle. After that I would go to the place where brother in law would indicate and would leave the vehicle parked with the key in the vehicle ... and I would get down and walk away". It was in that manner that the heroin was distributed on all those 15 occasions. 

Ruksi has on all those instances distributed the heroin in quantities of fifty and hundred. In the way he had abandoned a number of vehicles in car parks of super markets. On all such occasions he had not forgotten to take his four year old child and that was for the purpose of evading police arrest. 

Though it is said that it was Moril who gave the tip off to police about Madush's hideout in Dubai, it has still not been exposed as to in which way it was done. The only thing which has come to light is that a tip off has been provided that Madush's accomplices will be getting together on the birthday of Madush's toddler and that Madush can be arrested in that instance. Moril's activities of having worked together with Madush and the crowd is now being exposed.     

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