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Actress who smoked cocaine ...   mixed up with identity of Sonali teacher!

Actress who smoked cocaine ... 
mixed up with identity of Sonali teacher!

A facebook party held at a Mirssa Hotel in Matara last week was raided by police and news was published that on that occasion a teleactress named Shanika Madhuwanthi was apprehended. It was Matara correspondents who had quoted her as a teleactress.  Reports about Shanika Madhuwanthi could have become hot news on facebook pages and web sites and YouTube gossip sites as well. However not much news was published about such an actress as such over internet.

In the meantime, some of those who were directing the media have searched who Shanika
Madhuwanthi is, it was reported. When browsing in this manner, names of females engaged in various professions had been found and finally one female introducing herself as a dancer was detected. 

When inquiring further on doubt that it is this Shanika Madhuwanthi who is spoken if, it was found that Himaya Bandara who gives life to Sonali teacher's role in 'Deveni Inima' tele drama whose photograph had been inserted as the profile photograph. (It is a common factor to note that some individuals insert photos of popular actors - actresses instead of their own). 

Whatever it is, some persons who even could not understand this simple matter had gone to the extent of phoning Himaya Bandara as to why she engaged in smoking heroine. She has then emphasised saying that she does not know of any Shanika as such and that she is Himaya. 

She in fact is disappointed over the continuous, unnecessary  phone calls of the media and because of the inconvenience she has had to face, in a fit of anger has gone 'live' over facebook and has blagarded them thoroughly and has further said that if she is troubled anymore ... she would go before the law. She has also released some messages in this connection across her account. 

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