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Smart classroom constructed ...
 at boys' school in Kotte

A celebration was held to turn all classrooms of year 8 of Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte into smart classrooms last week.This is the first occasion when a smart classroom grade was afforded to a singuar school in the history of Sri Lanka. Children studying here do not need pencils or pens. What they need is only a tab. If the child needs to write by hand, a smart pen is given to them. The teacher displays the video presented to the students on a large smart screen which is akin to the blackboard in
the class. Tools or instruments are able to create examples through 3D technology. Simply by pressing a button in the digital, those lessons are directed to the tab of the students. Through this process there is an opportunity for the children to retain it in their memory well. 

If some child was to focus attention on some other note instead of the lesson at hand; it is displayed on the smart digital or in the tab of the teacher. In the same way, all tabs of the children and the smart digital or tab of the teacher are combined with each other across a special form of cloud. 

Through this process, not only across 3 D technology, even augmented reality of technology is made use of. Thus, children get an opportunity to to study things like complex chemical atoms by rotating and turning. It is also possible to attend to home work given in school while at home and spontaneously report it to the teacher. 

The subject curriculum and school text books ... all are supplied in the for of a digital process. Not only the relevant subject matter but include illustrations and voice recording videos and 3 D pictures. This procedure of education is to be introduced to other schools in the future as well. 

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