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Anil who embraced death ...  because of prank of pulling chair when about to sit!

Anil who embraced death ...
because of prank of pulling chair when about to sit!

The joke played during school-days on classmates by pulling the chair when just about to sit is prevalent in this country for sometime. Most people do not ever imagine that because of this joke though someone may be subjected to some inconvenience ... it could even go as far as death. 

The story that follows is an incident which took place in a classroom; but at a party. The incident to be related happened recently at Kongahawatta area in Walasmulla. The deceased in this instance is a
39 year old father of one child by the name of Anil Kumara who was a mason by profession. 

He has attended a party organised on November 29th last year on the occasion of a get together of a child of one of his friends. When he had got up from his seat for a moment, a friend who remembered a prank played in school has pushed aside his chair. At that moment Anil who was in the process of sitting down has thus missed the chair and collapsed on the floor. 

On that occasion because of the pain he was gripped with, relatives had taken action to admit him to Katuwana District Hospital. However, as a result of the damage caused to his spinal cord he has faced a somewhat serious condition. Subsequently Anil was directed to Embilipitiya District Hospital was later admitted to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital under medical recommendation. 

It was then found that the top part of Anil Kumara's spine was broken and as a consequence sense organs of his body were gradually malfunctioning. Anil who had to spend a period of over two months at the intensive care unit of Karapitiya Teaching Hospital continuously finally had to take leave of everybody last 4th. 

Katuwana Police say that a person who arrived at a friend's child's function has collapsed because his chair had been pushed aside by another and sustained serious injury had passed away at Karapitiya Hospital while undergoing treatment. The deceased is a 39 year old father of one child living at Karametiya, Kirama. According to a complaint lodged by his wife, the suspect connected with the said incident has been taken into police custody. Katuwana Police are continuing with further inquiries.  

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