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Parents of Bio-science first ... doctors -- parents of Maths first ... engineers -- parents of Commerce first ... a landed proprietor

Parents of Bio-science first ... doctors -- parents of Maths first ... engineers -- parents of Commerce first ... a landed proprietor

According to advanced level examination results released recently, various news were published about them in the media. In the meantime, information about their personal life too has become known by now.

Father and mother of student Samudra Rajapaksa of Gampaha Ratnavali were doctors and Samudra gained first rank in Bio-science in the whole island. The father is a attached to Gampaha district hospital wile the mother too serves Health office as a doctor. Samudra's sister herself studies in grade
12 in her school while the brother is in grade 8 of Gampaha Bandaranaika Vidyalaya. The sister has had her primary education at Gampaha Yasodara Balika Vidyalaya. Samudra enters Ratnavali after securing 172 from the scholarship. 

According to results of past exam results, it is rare to find a schoolgirl ranking first in Maths in the whole island. It was Chathuni Wijeygunawardena of Colombo Balika Vidyalaya who was selected to the Engineering Faculty this time. It is something interesting to note that Chathuni's parents both happen to be engineers. Father at present is retired while mother is engaged as the chief engineer of Western Province Road Development Authority. Chathuni is their only child. Chathuni spent her small days in Ambalangoda. She has had her primary education at Ambalangoda Dharmasoka Vidyalaya and subsequently entered Colombo Visakha Balika after she scored 187 marks at the scholarship examination. Chathuni who won school colours at '2017 All rounder' awards was not a student who was confined to studies alone as such but to sports as well. She also shows skill in Wushu and swimming. Further she studies music and displays some competency in playing the guitar. 

Kasun Indurangage from Maliyadeva Vidyalaya was chosen to the Management Faculty after becoming first in Commerce in the whole island.  His parents in fact are engaged in farming. Wariyapola Padeniya is their hometown. He has an elder brother and is studying in the Management Faculty at Rajarata University. Kasun has had his schooling in three schools and has come to Maliyadeva for his advanced level. He has had his primary education at Padeniya Sri Sunanda Vidyalaya and secondary education at Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya. 

The first schoolgirl to rank first in Arts in the advanced level local stream of studies from a private school in Sri Lanka is Senadi Damsa Alwis of Lyceum International School in Panadura. As her father is employed overseas she is able to celebrate her academic victory only with her mother at home Kalutara North. Temple Road. He is employed in a shipping firm in China. Her mother who is a housewife is so intimate to her like a friend of hers. Senadi in fact is their only child. Senadi is fond of music and has the ability to play the piano too. 

It was Pamuditha Pathirathna living in Mirigama of Colombo Ananda College who has clinched first position in Engineering Technology in the island. His father is attached to the Navy while the mother is a housewife. He has a younger brother and has studied in 3 schools and has come to Ananda for his advanced level. Pamuditha has entered Ananda College after receiving his primary education at Halugama Dharmapala Vidyalaya and having achieved 170 marks at the scholarship exam had later entered Colombo Nalanda Vidyalaya in the advanced level Engineering Technology stream as there was no such subject in the previous school. 

The father of Sanduni Piyumasha Kodippily of Kamburupitiya Narandeniya National School is a landed proprietor and she has ranked first in the island in the Bio-tec stream. She is from Marawila. Her mother is a health service nurse. Sanduni has a elder sister and brother. The elder sister is studying at Wayamba University while the brother is following his education at St. Thomas's College in grade 9. It is a special feature that she is someone who has got through her scholarship examination in a sufficient manner; and in that exam she has acquired only 129 marks. However, she has said that her principal has been kind enough to enrol her with Narandeniya National School. She is an outstanding student in school and has displayed skills in dancing and sports as well.   

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