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Into custody ... for having tried to bribe police dummy!

Into custody ... for having tried to bribe police dummy!

It is frequently reported of cases where attempts are made to bribe police officers who are on traffic duty. But instances of offering bribes to such living officers and being taken into custody of course is rare. Whatever it is, an incident is reported from Vavuniya where two young men were taken into custody when they has tried to give a bribe to a police dummy ... not living! 

Two workers of a private finance company in Vavuniya have released a video to the internet which
portrays how a bribe is offered to a police dummy erected down Vavuniya - Jaffna Road. These two youth were apprehended by police yesterday the 3rd and produced before court, it is reported.

The said dummy was installed along Vavuniya - Jaffna Road by traffic division with the motive of controlling the speed of drivers and as a step to draw attention of the drivers. However a particular person who approached the said dummy has displayed the manner in which a bribe is offered to the policeman concerned and had resorted to mock the dummy ... getting the scene videoed by a friend of his, finally even going to the extent of directing the video clip to 'Tick tock' of the social media and thus derived some pleasure from it.

When this video was circulating across social media at somewhat of a rapid speed, police officers had managed to see it with being emotionally suffering a heartache. Vavuniya police who focused attention on this incident had informed senior police officers about it and subsequently the person involved in videoing this scene and the person who appeared in it were taken into custody.

Vavuniya police who took the two youth into custody on charges of making a mock of the police, insulting the police, creating a wrong impression on the public about the police and motivating people to offer bribes to the police ultimately had produced them before Vavuniya district court. The district judge has released the two of them on bail and has ordered them to appear once again in court next 24th. 

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