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Both bosom pals who go for bath at Kosgoda sea agaist opposition ... embrace death together!

Both bosom pals who go for bath at Kosgoda sea agaist opposition ... embrace death together!

The wailing of an aged woman of Kaluganvila, Ella in 50 acre hamlet stood at a still when she weeped saying, "my nephew who said 'aaththmamme ... isn't it good to pay homage at Kande Vihara before starting work' and bowed down at my feet and thus set off in the dawn of new year ... I never thought he will come home in a casket". It was the grandmother of Deemantha Oshan Weerasingha (19) Mrs. Samarakoon Mudiyanselage Hemawathi (85) who bemoaned this untimely demise of her nephew when he had been on his way after paying homage to Kande Vihara and subsequently had gone for a bath at Kosgoda sea. His grandmother
further said, "Deemantha putha worshipped at my feet and I told him 'aney raththaran puthe ... don't ever go to the sea beach'. Then putha promised me saying "aththamme, I won't go to the sea beach". 

Deemantha's mother has gone for employment overseas and he was with my elder daughter. He had that day called my elder daughter from Kande Vihara. Deemantha has gone to pay homage to Kande Vihara on new year's day with his bosom friend Walimunideva Sampath Bandara accompanied by the owner and the latters family members of the place where they worked and it was on his return journey he has gone with his friend to have a dip in the sea waters after which the two of them had disappeared. 

Though Kosgoda police officers together with divers of the Navy had got together and launched operations to recover dead bodies of the two, because of strong tidal waves in the area, their attempts had proved futile. 2 days later the dead bodies of these two friends were found washed ashore in Kosgoda. 

Deemantha who was born in Kalugalvila, Ella has had his primary education at Thanabeddegama Junior School and subsequently has studied upto the ordinary level at Shasanachandra Maha Vidyalaya after which he had successfully completed his carpentry training course at Igalkanda Vocational Training Institute of National Apprenticeship Authority. Finally he has served at a welding workshop.

On the dawn of the new year Walimunideva Sampath Bandara (14) and Deemantha Oshan Weerasingha (19) who worked there had with owner of that workshop and members of latter's family proceeded to pay homage to Aluthgama Kande Vihara and subsequently have stopped near Kosgoda beach to have their lunch. 

At that instance the two victims had jumped into the sea with the clothing they had on their body even with great protests from those who were with them. Though everybody on beach had seen both of them being washed away in a split second from the menacing tidal wave, none of them had come forward to rescue the victims because of the roughness of the sea in that area.

Welimunideva Sampath Bandara (14) who went on the last journey with Deemantha too was living with his sister in house 40, Anuruddhagama, Kurundugaha and his mother also had gone for employment abroad. Sampath Bandara born on July 28th 2004 had received his education at Anuruddhagama Junior School upto his 8th grade and has retired from studies thereafter and subsequently served at a welding workshop in Kurunduwatta town until his death. The two of them have have been working at the same workshop for sometime and going here and there together as bosom friends. 

The postmortem of these two friends was conducted by Dr. Mrs. Ishari Fernando, Judicial Medical Officer of Balapitiya Basic Hospital and a verdict of death due to asphyxia and shock was recorded in this instance. Final rites of Welimunideva Sampath Bandara (14) was carried out at Kurundugahahethepma General Cemetery on 4th while final rites of Deemantha Oshan Weerasingha (19) was conducted on 5th at 50 acres family burial grounds, Kalugalwila.              

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