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"Those who see me as a bad man ...  will see me as a good man tomorrow" -- Maithri

"Those who see me as a bad man ...
will see me as a good man tomorrow" -- Maithri

President Maithripala Sirisena who was present at President's Award Ceremony held yesterday at Gem and Jewellery Authority began his speech by talking about a book he was going to write. This is what he said:

"Today, members of parliament of United National Party have spent a good deal of time throughout the day in parliament. I saw them play solitarily on a lonely pitch as a one-sided party with the absence of one party. I saw them making me a play-item in their talks without I being in parliament. A book written by my daughter titled 'Janadhipathi thaaththa' being subjected to much discussion in parliament today. What is seen in that book are the challenges, sorrows and heartbreaks I faced during the Rajapaksa regime and how I reached the level of the common candidate with all that. I address everybody who spoke about me with United National Party speaking in parliament today when I was not present there. Don't worry ... I will be launching another book in the month of January ... called 'Unsuccessful political union with Ranil'. I ask them in January to read it. That is why I said that I am swimming upstream. There are only two things that are left for me to forego. I am prepared for those two things ... ready.

I believe that those who see me as a bad person will see me as a good man tomorrow. In this battle I have to lose only two things. I have made up my mind to happily welcome one of those two or both. One is ... my position as President and what is the other thing that have to lose? The other thing which I can lose is my life. I may lose one of these two or I may lose both. That is how people have fought in history to make the country. I know that I will not become lonely in this battle.

My faith is not on politicians. My faith is to make a good country for tomorrow and that is for the common man who has an innocent great hope. Investigations about that conspiracy ... assassination is going on. Corrupt elements ...traitors ... betrayers; their final motive was to assassinate me".    

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