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"She is married -- I kept an illicit relationship -- her hidden phones got caught!": Story of Moneragala strangling case takes new turn

"She is married -- I kept an illicit relationship -- her hidden phones got caught!": Story of Moneragala strangling case takes new turn

Information has now been uncovered and it now takes a different turn from what was exposed previously in relation to the incident where a girl was throttled and killed by her boy friend near a wewa in Moneragala which created sensational news across the media yesterday.

What was indicated earlier was what was told by the victim's home people and neighbours. However, according to the confession made by her boy friend the story has taken a different turn. What he says is that she  is not a spinster but really a married woman aged 22 years. The youth who murdered her
has maintained an illicit relationship with her during the past. She has in fact filed legal action for separation from her husband and has kept up this illicit affair for about an year. It is learned that he had been hoping to marry her too. On the other hand she really was serving as an assistant at the beauty parlour run by the sister of the killer. Earlier reports mentioned that on an occasion he visited the said beauty parlour an illicit affair has blossomed between the two of them ad from there onwards they had met at various locations from time to time. Later she had been prepared to dissolve her marriage and marry this youth, the young man has revealed.

Whatever it is, he said he received various information that she was maintaining connections with other men and that she has a motor cycle which she makes use of to go on her rounds during her duty hours and that in the past few days he had smelt something fishy that she was having an affair with another young man. He says he got evidence of that through telephone calls in that respect. What caused a problem in his mind was that those calls were not taken from her phone and on questioning her on that matter she had continuously rejected such allegations, he said.

One day he had come from his work-place in Colombo on a date free for him and had called her. Having fixed a time for a meeting he had got on to her motor bike and gone to the wewa side where on questioning she had told that information about those telephone calls was false and that she does not have other phones. At that moment he had developed a streak of suspicion and had tried to inspect her motor bike and wanted to remove the seat cover when she had vehemently objected against it. However he had managed to remove the seat cover by force  in which instance he had come across two other mobile phones there. The young man told police that when inspecting the two phones it was revealed that she was having romances with other men on the sly. An argument had flared up at that point and it had gone beyond control in which instance he had throttled her, the youth finally confessed to police. The magisterial inquiry of the deceased woman was conducted by Mr. R.M. Gnanatilleka and the suspect is to be produced before Moneragala Magistrate Court.

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