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"People are in hunger ...   power for struggle doesn't concern them" -- Muralitharan

"People are in hunger ... 
power for struggle doesn't concern them" -- Muralitharan

Former cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan who points out that political problems which has cropped up these days in Sri Lanka said that those issues is a power for struggle of those people involved in politics and that without fulfilling basic essentials of the public instead of devoting attention to other matters would be a problem to oneself. He said all this by joining in the BBC
Sinhala Service.

"People will scold me ... but truth must be told. Representatives are sent from each province to parliament and they don't ask democracy be given to them. What they ask is 'where are the three meals ... where is a good education for children?' Tamil politicians speak about rights ... after that they say, 'I don't understand about democracy ... what is that? There isn't a single member of parliament to look at these families". 

In this country there are about 80% Sinhala Buddhists. This country belongs to them. Whatever said and done, we are a minority. But when I displayed my skills ... was I given support by the whole country after thinking whether they are Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim? I was given help for my skill because I am a citizen of this country. These fellows say that we appear on this for lies ... actually they haven't thought about the average man.

I don't like to mention ... you yourselves think -- only two Presidents thought about the poor man. We send them to parliament to rule the country ... voted to do some work. If they say they can't ... then they must give up and go; excuses should not be given. If I can't bowl ... I'll give about 25,000 excuses. Like the man who can't dance says the earth is crooked. 

The first point should be to uplift the poor man. If can't do ... must give up and go and another person must be given a chance. Now see ... if this person says that person he has the power ... if the President says that he has the power -- that is only an argument ... no solution. This must be settled by law ... if there is any issue, they should go to Supreme Court, file action and settle it there. People should not be pulled for it. People are brought no. Do you think that people come to see just to see others talking? Maybe only people of 10 people of one party will be present. Others as far as I know are given some money, some meal and are brought and dropped by bus who are most of them. Will people who can't find their daily meal come to Colombo and keep shouting without giving lakhs of children? I of course won't accept that".

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