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No signs that government would proceed -- if wins or loses from majority ... Mahinda is victorious!

No signs that government would proceed -- if wins or loses from majority ... Mahinda is victorious!

Though the political change which took place on the eve of October 2th in Sri Lanka is something for Mahinda fans to rejoice ... those who brought the government into being however is a random matter. There was an obstruction that Mahinda cannot contest a third time for presidentship according to the 19th amendment and therefore Mahinda fans who were in a dream of bringing Gotabhaya to power and make Mahinda the Prime Minister coming to know that Mahinda is able to be made the Prime Minister well in advance through a devious method actually was an occasion which would bring their dreams to reality.

The majority of UNP fans and the majority of the minority group among the 62 lakhs of the public who gave their votes to Maithri in 2014 who cast their vote to Maithri ultimately were treated in the
bitterest manner. Therefore, this action resulted in the amazement of those voters. Though Maithri tried to justify by the decision of this change by showing such issues as 'I was planned to be assassinated ... the culture of both of us are different, tried to do unwanted things', for the intelligent masses it was absolutely clear that it was just a personal decision and that the decision rested only in the desire to remain in power after 2020 too.

To date it is 10 days since this change. Within these 10 days Mahinda has strived to boost up his flock from time to time. A number of politicians who were lured with a greediness for money or for riches had taken their oaths and from among most of them, they have become suitable candidates because of one sole factor of 'raising the hand in favour' and not because of 'education', 'experience' or 'administration capability'. The 'patriotic slogans' which Mahinda - Wimal flaunted in the past on behalf of political favours because of this factor have been forgotten.

It was in this very same manner that 2/3rds of people from the UNP were hauled in order to approve the 18th amendment during Mahinda's Presidential tenure. So much was spent by bringing in the 18th amendment with the sole personal ambition of approving the clause 'One person could contest any number of times and not twice'.

It is not clear whether somebody thinks that this time money is spent to bring down the Rupee after establishing the new government, to reduce the price of fuel and to pave the way for a luxurious future. It is also a speculation whether the ministerial portfolios bestowed these days could be interpreted as minister posts given to turn around the country. It is actually nominal labels of dice or chips solely for a 'game' of grabbing power. The purpose of the game is not on behalf of the country.

The objective of this 'game' was exposed by Mahinda Rajapaksa in the presence of a group of university lecturers at a discussion held last week. What he said there was that his purpose was to dissolve the government and go for a general election whether a majority is shown or not. According to the 19th amendment Maithri has no powers to dissolve the parliament as and when he wants. For that purpose patience should be exercised till March, 2020 till period in parliament reaches that stage. However, it could be dissolved if the budget is defeated or on the 2/3rd consensus.

Mahinda is getting ready these days to bring forward a budget appropriation bill in the parliamentary term beginning on the 14th  and it was revealed that the bill being defeated it is hoped to dissolve parliament according to the constitution. "Even if that is done ... I win. What I wanted was to topple this government" ... Mahinda has said on that occasion. Even if Mahinda acquires majority powers in parliament what he plans to do is allow the verdict of defeat take its course, it is seen.

Even if Ranil gets more votes than Mahinda on 14th and an action is taken to dismiss Mahinda from his position of Premiership temporarily, there is no faith on the point that a Ranil - Maithri government would come into force, political sources have reported. It cannot be believed that there would be an agreement with TNA for Ranil to establish a government with TNA. Ranil would understand with experience that it would be a risky step to carry on a government with 'just a simple majority' with the Alliance or some other.

Under these circumstances what Ranil too would do is going in for an election. When taking into consideration those motives, ministerial positions launched these days will not last even a month. Financial concessions made in a big hurry are clearly 'election tricks'. What Mahinda's ambition is to contest from Alliance and swiftly become victorious in the general election. If Mahinda was to compete from the Alliance, the Presidential candidate in 2020 is Gota, and not Maithri. That then is the agreement. 

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