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Heated situation at Temple Trees ...  because of two persons who come from outside this evening

Heated situation at Temple Trees ...
because of two persons who come from outside this evening 

Because of two persons who came to Temple Trees where UNP supporters headed by Ranil Wickremasingha are remaining, a somewhat heated situation took place for a short while there.

The visitors have mentioned that that they are from the office of present Prime Minister Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa and that it is necessary to remove the inventory where records are made about office equipment. At the time they had inspected the equipment the UNP group who developed a suspicion that they were suspicious characters, ended up with an unpleasant situation erupting between the two

Whatever it is, security officers of Temple Trees had intervened and had proceeded to check their identity -- however the two of them had been unable to prove their identity. It was also revealed that they had gained access to Temple Trees without informing the security section. Anyhow security officers of Temple Trees had prevented a conflict between the two parties and taken steps to take them away from the office premises, safely. This was announced across the media unit of Mr. Ranil Wickremasingha.

In any case the secretary of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa had been notified of this incident and he had forwarded a complaint to inspector general of police saying that two state officials had faced threats. Anyhow what is indicated there is yet another story. It was stated in Prime Minister's secretary Mr. S. Amarasekera's announcement that some personnel employed at Temple Trees were transferred and that when they had gone there to hand over luggage of those officers a group of people had come and reprimanded and threatened them. 

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