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67 year old Jayasekera Aponso weds 25 year old girl

67 year old Jayasekera Aponso weds 25 year old girl

Various kinds of dialogues surfaced in the past about aged artistes getting married to young girls. By now another such piece of news is reported and that happens to be about stage and tele actor Jayasekera Aponso. 67 year old Aponso who has severed marriage ties on a number of instances has tied the nuptial knot with a 25 year old damsel.

* You have now embarked on a new path in life. Isn't it so?
   True. Now my life has taken a different turn. It is because there is a partner who can share my
happiness and sorrow.

When Jayasekera Aponso says so ... Sujatha, his new partner say this: "I am a big fan of Aponso aiya. It's about 5 years since we both have come to know each other. It was when the 'Horu' drama was staged in Anuradhapura that we spoke to each other and made friends. One day when I came to Colombo I wanted to go and see Aponso aiya. At that time he was staying in a small room of artiste Pushpa Genette. I was even surprised why such a valuable artiste of this type live in this manner. When I went like that what I first did was clear the cobwebs and clean the room. It was after that both of us thought of making a different change in our lives.

* He is someone who has married several times before this. There also is a big age gap between the two of you. Didn't these things become an issue to you?
Sujatha: "I was born in the year 1933. Aponso aiya was someone who was born in 1951. But that is not a problem to me. Aponso aiya has told me everything about his past. I am not going to live with him by focusing attention on his houses or lands as such. I felt sorry about how he was living a solitary life at that time".

* Now is the new couple going to live at a new place?
Sujatha: "Yes. We had no place in that room to do any cooking ... had to spend a big sum of money to eat from outside for all three meals. So we came to a small house in Dekatana area. Now it is about three months since we came to this new place".

* They say that a 'person who takes a beating from a firebrand is scared even of a firefly'. With experiences of the past ... how does this artiste called Jayasekera Aponso hope to face the future?
Aponso: "There were women who entered my life and scraped everything from me. But Sujatha is not someone like that. My biggest hope is to carry on with artistic activities and to live happily with her".

* It may be that you have a better freedom to engage in artistic activities than before, isn't it?
Sujatha: "Now he is happier than before. These days a new teledrama too is being written. I also am helping him in those activities as much as possible".

* Isn't there an idea of celebrating the marriage in the recent future?
Aponso: "Why not ... am hoping to invite everybody and celebrate it on a big-scale".

- Kishan Kananke - 

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