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15 TNA votes refused earlier ...  now prepares to vote against Mahinda  -- Mahinda 103 - Ranil - neutral 6

15 TNA votes refused earlier ...
now prepares to vote against Mahinda
-- Mahinda 103 - Ranil - neutral 6 

It is a well-known fact that an interim period of 19 days was announced for unofficial political-preying for the purpose of boosting Mahinda's parliamentary majority after Ranil was dismissed by President Sirisena last 26th Friday and thus decide on appointing Mahinda as Prime Minister. Though President mentioned that he had taken all steps according to the constitution, this strategy was clear in calling for parliament sessions.

During the said period, 16 cabinet ministers, 8 deputy ministers and 6 state ministers have taken their oaths. According to the 19th amendment of the constitution, there is an opportunity for 14 minister
posts and 26 deputy state minister posts. Putting the public into a surprise, 6 from the UNP, 1 from the TNA (Tamil National Alliance) as has never happened before has moved towards the Mahinda faction and acquired minister positions.

By last 26th the parliamentary party constituted of 106 seats for United National Party, 95 for United People's Alliance, 16 for TNA, 6 for JVP, and 1 seat for Sri Lanka Muslim Congress. From this aggregate the number expressing support to Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa on an official level is 103. The number expressing support to Mr. Ranil Wickremasingha on an official level with Muslim Congress have come down to 100. The 6 MPs of JVP on the other hand have officially announced that they do not give their support to either party.

Whatever it is, with one MP expressing support to Mr. Rajapaksa, their figure reduces to 15. Though a neutral status was observed in parliament earlier, Mr. Vyalendran betraying the decision taken by the party going beyond their etiquettes of rules and regulations has shown his support to Mahinda and thus received a ministerial portfolio, the TNA party has turned to a steadfast policy with regard to this issue.

Under these circumstances what is mentioned in the press release of the Alliance on 3rd afternoon is that it is their stand that acting in a neutral manner in a situation like this is anti-democratic. As such, the Tamil National Alliance has said that they would give their support if a no-confidence motion is brought against Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa and the government in having appointed him as the Prime Minister contrary to the constitution. It is stated in their press release too that the gazette notification released by the President closing parliamentary sessions as unlawful. It has further been mentioned that delaying the process of parliamentary proceedings with  the motive of showing the majority power is a sabotage; that giving ministerial portfolios through such delay and that acquiring the majority by bribing and that action would be taken against their member who has been preyed upon for a post of minister and that this act has been thoroughly condemned.

Under these circumstances, at a voting in parliament against Mahinda Rajapaksa in future hands of the 15 of the TNA would be raised while the Ranil faction has been advantageous to have their total to go upto 115. At present therefore the situation is That Ranil has 115, Mahinda 103 and 6 neutral.  Accordingly, Mahinda faction would be 103 and the majority which is not in his favour is 121.

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