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To spy on wife ...   husband begins romance with her female friend

To spy on wife ... 
husband begins romance with her female friend

On receiving information that his wife is having an affair with another man, in order to make a check on it, in order to make it easy had got friendly with her best friend. The reason for this was that the wife's friend was someone who was hardly ignorant about anything related to her friend. In fact the two of them were the best of pals. Having assumed that the friend is very well aware of his wife's illicit connection he began to contemplate as to how he could develop an alliance with this
friend. Since it is something that does not warrant a delay as such, he had promptly approached her and had closed one eye and given her a hint by winking with the other eye. With this hint, the wife's friend had given him the green light and developed a friendship with him.

To say how far the attachment blossomed, they had developed the connection to go as far as a husband and wife connection. Later, leaving aside the wife's illicit romance, the two of them had continued with this affair to the utmost, so to say, it was revealed at police investigations. This affair going beyond bounds and without a solution, in the end the wife and the wife's illicit lover's friends, the wife's legal husband, the legal husband of the friend, the wife, the wife's paramours wife; six in all had to make a trail to Kotawila police station.

It was sub-inspector Mr. Hettiarachchi , officer-in-charge of the crimes division of Kotawila Police who was assigned to settle this issue. When this story began to unravel one by one, the sub-inspector who was taken by surprise ultimately seriously warned all these three families under instructions of Kotawila police officer-in-charge sub-inspector Mr. Janaka Koralege and brought the issue to a settlement. At that point these three husbands and the three wives made a and had asked the police to bring pledge that they would abandon this illicit connections and once and for all settle this complex situation and on the request of all of them though the issue was brought to a close, they had to report to the police on the dates given by the police.

-- Udaya Kumara Ranaweera -- 

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