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Ready to lay siege on media institution -- preparing to get at Premier's throat!

Ready to lay siege on media institution -- preparing to get at Premier's throat!

Prime Minister Ranil of the UNP, Sajith and Mangala have expressed their opinions regarding the protest organised in Colombo today by Joint Opposition. They say that arrangements have been made to lay a siege on a media institution and to get at the throat of the Prime Minister and have stated in a critical tone that this is a biriyani and liquor mobile service in action and that this is just a
'rustifying' (wandering) of robbers!

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasingha
Because of the freedom given by the Yahapalana regime, anybody is given the opportunity to engage in protests in the present day. The government has no desire to enforce any control on such protests. Protests, strikes should be carried out in a way that no hindrance to the public. According to reports of the Joint Opposition, threats have been targetted at some media institutions already.

This is not a holiday. Various groups are coming to the capital. School children, government officers come. To all of them we provide security in the form of transport of State and private buses. There is no necessity to harass this public. What we say is not to leave room for a setback. Now what is mentioned here is to create such a setback on the services. I cannot understand why such a thing is said. Several MPs in the Joint Opposition told me that because of the freedom in the government in which you two are, that they could come to Colombo to stage a protest. If not, they know that it would not be possible. I do not want to reveal identities. These people have gone to media institutions and asked them to broadcast this and that if they do not; the media offices would be under a siege. They have even made threats. They had told one channel, not only Gotabhaya, but to show them also. Nobody has asked not to come to the town. Tomorrow, tavern people will have business. See what is shown over the media today. What happened to Ekneligoda will not happen today. Nobody would be gunned down like in the case of Lasantha. What happened to Kieth Noyar, will not happen today. What happened to Upali Tennakoon will not happen today. Today there is total freedom. We are not going to stop these things. You'll too can go to courts and take action on fundamental rights. Because of the freedom we have given, you'll can engage in protest.

Minister Sajith Premadasa
The Opposition have said that they will go to President's House and Araliyagaha Mandiraya and take the President and Prime Minister of Yahapalana government and grab them by their necks and throw them out. In our country which has a democratic rule ... only the public have the right to throw out the rulers by their neck. The Opposition have now developed a 'dola duka' of laying a siege on Araliyagaha Mandiraya and President's office and to turn into dollar 'commis kaakkas' after grabbing power once again. The alcohol and biriyani mobile service which is going to be in action ... the public will be able to see really well.

Minister Mangala Samaraweera
We who dedicated ourselves to launch a seven star democracy have left room for anybody to go in processions and to make protests. Even then, if action is taken to behave in a manner which distresses the public and cause damage to State property through processions and protests ... then we will not hesitate to take legal steps regarding same. I identify the protest organised by banking on the popularity of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa with the motive of safeguarding the robbers and making influences on courts which action has been launched under directions of MP Mr. Namal Rajapaksa who has been released on bail and his close associates.

Mr. Namal Rajapaksa has been released under the money laundering act with four bails of Rs. one lakh each under bail conditions of not making whatsoever influence verbally or in writing and in such circumstances he has made a threatening statement in connection with Financial Monetary Crimes Division. Though they desire a 'billa' by making the government the scapegoat through this protest launched with the objective of a 'bili poojawa' ... there is no room for that. A right and freedom which was not available for ten years under the Rajapaksas are now made available to present protestors. This is something organised by persons who are fated to face legal cases under the special court in order to bring these band of robbers once more to power.

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