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 When main suspect is arrested ...   Strange rumours surface about Anuradhapura killing
When main suspect is arrested ...Strange rumours surface about Anuradhapura killing

The main suspect in the murder of a garage owner in Anuradhapura some days back about which reports were published as having taken place because of a case of revenge which flared up on an issue about the deceased's daughter's clothes being stripped off from her was taken into police custody today (8) while several rumours have floated across the internet by now about  this murder. 

37 year old Chaminda (Mampatidevahelage Chaminda Pushpakumara) the main suspect and
Hewapannage Nalaka Wijesiri (40) were arrested by Anuradhapura police ​while hiding in a house in Nochchiyagama area. 4 other individuals inked to the incident concerned have been identified while the other 2 have still not been apprehended.

These suspects have in fact killed the businessman named Sujeewa Prasanna near Anuradhapura Deepani Vidyalaya after a particular grudge that had been burning for a period of time. This grudge had developed at a wedding ceremony in August, 2017, 10 months before this. A report which keeps floating in the internet as a post by a neighbour that the eldest daughter of deceased Sujeewa when dancing at the wedding celebrations with her body being exposed in some parts and at that moment Pulleyar Chaminda and his pregnant wife who were in close proximity to the dance floor had been criticising her. As noted in the post, having heard the criticism and not being in favour of it, Sujeewa's son had been involved in an exchange of words asking them not to make such comments. Having observed Pulleyar Chaminda and his wife engaged in an argument with Sujeewa's son, Sujeewa too had arrived on the scene after which the argument had gone beyond limits and has developed into a situation where fisticuffs were seen. In the process Sujeewa's daughter too has come to the spot inquiring as to what was happening and then Pulleyar Chaminda had pointblank criticised her to her face and had even pulled her by the clothes she was wearing thus extending the conflict even further. 

Sujeewa who went into a rage because of the harassment their children whe a crowd was watching in public, in order to do tit for tat  to Pulleyar Chaminda had kicked Chaminda's pregnant wife towards her abdomen. On this occasion the wedding celebrations too had gone into disarray and elders had mediated and separated the two parties and brought a stop to this fracas. After this clash, the grudge that occured between the two parties had gone as far as homicide and kept on flaring up in many aspects as such. 

Sujeewa who started from scratch and reached the apex and managed to run his own garage had at a later time made a name for himself because of repairing Hybrid vehicles. He had even registered a business establishment under the name 'Happy Hybrid' and there were a number of people working for him. He was someone who had been supplying vehicles on a renting-basis. According to what people in the area say, he has had political affiliation too. He was not someone who was scared of Pulleyar Chaminda who was trying to have a go at him, so to say. When Chaminda threw threats, he too retaliated in the same way. What is said in reports published in the internet is that Sujeewa had gone to the extent of approaching his opponent with a weapon and tried to break off his hand because of having degraded him. Did Sujeewa smile and say "huh" and say "okay, show me" or else according to his wife now says whether she has complained to police and had been looking forward to some consolation? This then is something that should be inquired into. 

After the incident of murder was reported, there appears to be a contradiction between the aggressive statements uttered by Sujeewa's wife and eldest daughter and the true state of affairs. Though the daughter remarked "I was made naked", everything that happened thereafter or that there was a blemish on their part has not been revealed. 

What Anuradhapura police who are conducting inquiries regarding this incident say is that Sujeewa's son is someone who has popularized himself as one 'good-for-nothing fellow'. Sujeewa's son had been taken into custody on a police complaint on the understanding that he has raped a 15 year old girl and that case is understood to be in suspense at the moment.  

After the murder, Sujeewa's wife and children have been subjected to death threats by Pulleyar Chaminda according to relatives of the family while Sujeewa's wife informs that it was told that if their son comes on the day of his father's funeral he would be killed. Whatever it is, when questioned whether the threat came through a phone call she had mentioned that somebody had brought a phone to the funeral house and shown an SMS which showed a threat in it. Within this problematic situation, it has been found in investigations that there are a number of hidden factors embedded in it. Whatever it is, police protection has been afforded to the home of these victims under this background, police say. Anuradhapura police are involved in further operations of apprehending the other persons linked to the murder. 

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