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 Sudden death of Silumina editor ...  poses question!
Sudden death of Silumina editor ...
poses question!

Though it was earlier reported that it was a case of heart attack inside a swimming pool which was the reason of 39 year old Chamara Lakshan's sudden demise, reports have been published to the effect that such matters are beyond comprehension and that it indefinite. He was the editor of Silumina and Resa newspapers. As the deceased's kith-and-kin have informed police that the death is suspicious, the dead body has not been handed over even by last

He had been to a popular hotel in Anuradhapura in order to participate in the Minhintale Aloka poojawa launched on an annual basis by Lake House. Later when he had been in a swimming pool last Poson day where he had become serious and at that vital moment there had been nobody around which poses a question. 

It is usual that workers are found on duty in charge of the swimming pool in a hotel. However when this incident took place there had been no officer around. It then is still not clear how he had suffered this situation at a time he was inside the swimming pool concerned. Though news reports say that he had suffered a heart attack, still it has not been confirmed by medical reports as such, it is reported. At the time he had become serious, two hotel workers had seen him floating and had taken steps to hospitalise him. It was the two of them who had mentioned that the deceased has suffered a heart attack. These two employees have been called for the post-mortem to be held in Colombo. 

Certain websites have stated that Chamara Lakshan who was selected for the position of editor of Silumina newspaper at such a young age of 39 had some enemies as well as people who were envying him. Chamara has four year old son and the wife is an attorney-at-law. He possesses a degree in International Affairs from Colombo campus and a post-degree in Politics from Kelaniya University and is a journalist who reached the apex of his career in the referred to field across Rivira, Lakbima and Sunday newspapers in a brief period of time. Chamara joined service at Lake House in the year 2015 and it was about one and a half months ago that he was appointed as the editor of Silumina. His colleagues are deeply shocked on his unanticipated loss. Police investigations are underway.  

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