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 ​How mother and daughter took the whole country for a ride saying that father who protested against daughter being abused ... was killed!
How mother and daughter took the whole country for a ride saying that father who protested against daughter being abused ... was killed!

The true situation about Anuradhapura garage owner businessman's death regarding whom sensational news was created by interpreting it as an incident where 'the father who opposed those who came to abuse the daughter had to pay the price with death' has been exposed by now. It has been revealed that much false information has been cooked up and circulated during the last two or three days by the mother and daughter for the purpose
of winning over sympathy of the whole country by trying to be entirely free of all blemishes.

Police media spokesman Mr. Ruwan Gunasekera has revealed at a media discussion in connection with this incident that the story of having pulled off the daughter's clothing while she was dancing at a wedding several months before this exactly as we published was woven by the mother and daughter with the motive of drawing sympathy related to this incident. In the same way it has been exposed that deceased Sujeewa has five cases against him and one such case happens to be an instance where Sujeewa has prior to his death assaulted murder suspect Pulleyar Chaminda by chopping his hand. Both the mother and daughter have tried not to reveal any of these faults at the aggressive media revelations they indulged in. Police media spokesman, Mr. Ruwan Gunasekera spoke about this yesterday in the following manner:

"This suspect and his party has had a conflict with the deceased and his party for a period of time. When considering the deceased, there are five court cases against him too. One of them is an attempt made by him to sexually molest a female by showing his private parts. The other four cases are cases relating to assaulting and causing hurt and one of those is attacking with a sword and causing hurt to the main suspect in this murder case, Pulleyar Chaminda on April 11th. Suspects in this instance are the wife, the daughter and son of this deceased person. Both these parties have court cases against them; so we cannot say that only one party is free from guilt".

* Deceased's wife has mentioned that politicians are behind this incident. Is it true?
  No such thing has been revealed from investigations. It can be categorically stated here that no politician is behind in this instance.

* They have said that the daughter's clothes were stripped off her at a wedding and that this clash originated because of it?
  The incident which occured on the wedding day is recorded in the police book. But there is no mention about clothes being removed. that complaint had been lodged by the wife and there is a statement by the daughter too. A statement by the deceased also has been recorded. There is no incident about stripping off clothes. But what has been recorded as a complaint is that the deceased has showed his private parts to a woman. It is to that the accusation of sexual molesting has been given.

* Relatives have made an accusation that though the police were informed, the police have not mentioned it.
  Such a thing cannot be accepted. Now a 'B' report has been forwarded and 4 suspects have been produced before court. Is it now that they speak about it? Do they realise it only after 9 months? If no such action was taken by police, they could have complained to higher authorities in the police.

* They had mentioned that the son and daughters have death threats against them?
  No ... there are no complaints like that so far. If there is any such thing, a complaint can be made. We will take legal action.

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