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 ​87 million Bank of Ceylon robbery carried out with CCTVs and alarm systems dislodged!
87 million Bank of Ceylon robbery carried out with CCTVs and alarm systems dislodged!

The robbery which took place by breaking the Bank of Ceylon in Thalawa last weekend suffered a loss of over 9 crores inclusive of cash and gold jewellery displays the sharpness while posing a question on the security of the bank.

The said robbery has been executed at the time when this bank was closed during the weekend ​and there were no security guards posted there at that period. The robbers had entered the bank by
breaking open the rear door and had engaged in the robbery after dislodging its alarm system and cctv equipment etcetera.

The robbers had spent quite sometime inside the bank and emptied the sacks in which documents were stored and had fled after packing the cash and jewellery into the empty sacks. The manager who left after work on Friday and returned on Monday was unaware of this robbery until he had opened the door.

A robbery of this nature had been possible because of the security afforded to the bank. Even security officers of the bank who go on leave on Friday subsequently return on Monday morning, it was understood. 8 police teams are said to be conducting inquiries in various directions and cctv surveys are being carried out in establishments in the vicinity.

No clue has been found in investigations using police dogs. It has been revealed that this robbery has been done last 29th between 6 in the evening and 7th morning (07) yesterday. The safes had been broken open and a sum of Rs. 17,000,00 in cash and Rs. 78,000,000 worth of gold jewellery weighing 22 kilos, 900 grammes have been stolen.

The portion where data is being stored in the cctv cameras has been removed and taken away and as a result the required evidence has thus been destroyed and the robbers have been clever enough to avoid the alarm system even though alarms to notify the police were available as they had destroyed it and afterwards gained entry. The police have been able to take into their custody some instruments suspected to have been utilised by the robbers for their robbery.

Police say that a robbery similar to this had been carried out on a bank in the town of Anuradhapura before this. Investigations are on.

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