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 11 members of same family commit suicide ...  occult belief or murder? Not clear!
11 members of same family commit suicide ...
occult belief or murder? Not clear!

A shocking piece of news rocked Indian media which said that 11 members of the same family in a house in New Delhi, India were found dead.

This incident was reported from Burai in North India. It was understood that 10 persons were found dangling from the ceiling while a woman, possibly aged 75 was lying on the floor. Though these
deaths were suspected to be an instance of mass murder because a majority of the deceased were found with their eyes tied and the hands tied behind their back, there is suspicion that there is a link to a mythical belief involved, police say.

7 of the dead were females in the ages of 75, 60, 42, 38, 30, 24 and 22 while the 4 males were of the ages of 46, 42,12 and another of 14 years, police had reported. People in this house had been carrying on a grocery as a family business and though it usually is opened at 6 in the morning, there was a delay in opening the shop on the day concerned. In the meantime, a van which used to bring milk daily to this house had been beeping the horn incessantly for someone to open the door and as there was no response as such, a neighbour who took notice of this then had made his way up along the staircase outside to the top floor and on inquiring, these dead bodies were spotted, it was reported. Later after informing police about this, news about this incident has spread like wild fire. The reason for the deaths have still not been ascertained. Whatever it is, according to some people, this family had been involved in occult mythological beliefs and that there could be evidence between these deaths and such beliefs.

On police investigations, several documents written by these people in relation to 'in search of death' were found. Neighbours have provided evidence to the effect that   the deceased family had contributed to these beliefs. Though inquiries are underway in this connection, no evidence could be secured to say that they were murdered.

Owners of this house had lived there for about 20 years. Apart from the grocery they had a plywood business and a dairy farm as well. The deceased belonged to one family of one mother, her children, their brothers and sisters and their offspring. The youngest girl in fact had been engaged and was preparing to enjoy wedding celebrations towards the end of this year. Whatever it is, about two weeks prior to this, there had been a conflict where underground elements were involved in addition to some murders and thus there is yet another opinion that there is a link between these deaths and those incidents. Police have started investigations in this respect and neighbours are being interrogated with cctv clips being checked.

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